Advertising on Buchan Radio

Buchan Radio is the place to get your business out there! We are now broadcasting live online, on mobile and on FM on 107.9, making now the best time to get your business out there with Buchan Radio.


Radio advertising works.

Radio is universal.

It reaches places other media can't - the car, the bath, the bedroom.

Radio is personal.

Listeners trust their favourite station and your commercial forms part of our output and their listening.

Radio is flexible.

We'll work in partnership with you to build the campaign that is just right for you.

Radio is cost-effective.

With reduced wastage your message reaches our listeners (your customers) in the area you advertise in.

Radio advertising works through REPETITION and REPETITION builds REPUTATION.


Spot advertising

Regular advertising spots. Any spot length up to 40 seconds.

Programme Sponsorship

Daytime, evening and weekend shows are available for sponsorship.

Bulletin Sponsorship

Bulletins include weather, traffic, community announcements and more.

Weekend Sponsorship

Sponsor the entire weekend on Buchan Radio.

Advertise Online

Advertising space is now available on our website.

Website Sponsorship

Our website can now be sponsored.


For any more information or to request a copy of our advertising package, please get in touch with the Buchan Radio Sales Team.


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